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John Murphy Show Recap: Interviews with Greg Cosell, Mark Kelso and Steve Christie

NFL Films Senior Producer Greg Cosell joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Friday.

Cosell talked to Murphy and Jones about the dearth of quarterbacks throughout the league, as well as his view of the differences between the NFL and college game. Cosell also discussed Pats-Chiefs, noting that on the coaching tape the touchdown attributed to former Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore seemed to be a blown cover-2 call, where Gilmore was to stay in the flat and his safety didn't get over the top in time.

The show opened with Murphy and Jones chatting with former Bill and color analyst Mark Kelso, discussing the plans for the celebration of "The Comeback" game, as well as an in-depth look at the defense of the Jets and how the Bills can scheme around them.

Steve Christie called in to talk about "The Comeback" game, as well as stories about where the game-winning ball is, why he had to rummage in his shed for his game-winning cleats and other stories on the aftermath of the Bills-Oilers game.

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander joined for his weekly segment, "The Lo-Down" and discussed the upcoming Jets game, prayers for those affected by Hurricane Irma, and Alexander's routine prior to games.


John Murphy Show: Sept. 8, 2017


Mark Kelso on half-time discussion during 'The Comeback": "We simplified things, and things went much favorably in the second half."

Kelso on the Jets' chances in 2017: "Do they have the personnel to put on a run in the AFC? No, but they have guys that can put on a good game."

Kelso on Christian Hackenberg: "I thought it was a reach for them for a guy with limited success in college."

Greg Cosell: "We're dealing with a college game and NFL game heading further and further apart."

Lorenzo Alexander on being named captain: "It's not fake or phony because the guys can feel that out."


0:00-29:00: Mark Kelso

30:00-55:00: Murphy and Jones talk Kansas City-New England

1:06:00-1:26:00: Greg Cosell

1:36:00-1:49:00: Steve Christie

2:04:00-2:28:00: "The Lo-Down" with Lorenzo Alexander

2:31:00-2:48:00: Fake News/Real News with Murphy and Jones, featuring audio from Sean McDermott

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