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Letter: Harvey shows that we are all in this together

Harvey shows that we are all in this together

The Harvey storm coverage showed brave people risking their lives for others without regard for race, gender, age or economic status. It also showed elected officials in rain gear and hip boots supporting their constituents and guaranteeing government support for those devastated. Within days the governor of Texas estimated minimum aid of $150 billion. I expected to hear comments about the need for budget offsets lest the deficit grow, or evils of Big Government meddling in state business. I wondered why no one mentioned that this type of disaster had been predicted resulting from poor city planning. In place of a government bailout, did anyone suggest a free-market approach to rebuild Houston?

Instead conservatives were talking like liberals. We are in this together and we must all pitch in to help solve the problem. This philosophic approach was a welcome change from the strident, doctrinaire GOP approach to other national issues such as health care.

The loss of life from Harvey is tragic. However, innumerable people will die from inadequate health care as proposed by the GOP. Everyone should be willing to share the burden for universal health care coverage just as we will share the burden for Harvey disaster relief. Strong, healthy Americans are wading through waist-deep water to save the poor, the sick, the aged and the infirm. This is the same principle as the shared burden in the Affordable Care Act. I wish the president and GOP Congress would see this obvious comparison.

Bob McGowan


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