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Introducing FAQ: Exclusive Buffalo Bills coverage for the obsessive fan

Q: What is is the new home to all of The Buffalo News’ exclusive Bills coverage. This includes all the analysis, commentary and reporting you’re used to seeing from Vic Carucci, Jay Skurski, Tim Graham, Jerry Sullivan, Kimberley Martin, Mark Gaughan and Bucky Gleason, plus daily newsletters, podcasts, videos and much, much more from various contributors.

Q: What kind of coverage can I expect from

The new takes our already terrific coverage and adds  – and adds and adds. It starts with blanket coverage of what’s going on with the team –  the type of reporting, analysis and commentary you can’t find anywhere else. Built on that foundation are layers of coverage unlike anything Bills fans have ever seen. We’re giving readers everything from a detailed breakdown of the Bills’ most common blitz package to an idea of a fair price if you’re trying to buy 50-yard-line tickets to this week’s game.

 Together with a number of contributors, our team will produce a host of exclusive new features  –  everything from Mark Gaughan’s Xs and Os to the Tailgate Report; from Tyrod Watch to Glory Days features; from the Stats Wizard to a weekly feature on uniforms (yes, uniforms). There will be a Ticket Watch and Road Trip Guides. Even if this season is a washout, Draft Watch will track the prospects in the quarterback-rich 2018 draft.

Q: How do I access coverage?

Buffalo News print and digital subscribers will all get free access to with their subscriber log-in information. If you need help retrieving your log-in information, please contact our customer service team toll free at (800) 777–8640 or 842–1111. You also can email our customer service team at

Non-subscribers can sign up for a free 2-week trial of

You can also join our [BN] Blitz Facebook group and follow us on on FacebookTwitter and Reddit for updates.

Q: How much will it cost if I just want to read Bills coverage?

You can subscribe to a digital subscription to all our Bills coverage for $2.99 a month. That’s less than the cost of a 20-pack of Timbits from Tim Hortons. Check it out during a free 2-week trial you can sign up for and decide.

Q: What will I get with a subscription?

You will get access to all our Bills coverage on, including tons of exclusive content every day of the year.

Q: I have a Buffalo News subscriber account and know my login information, but I'm still seeing the paywall when I try to log in. 

Our developers are aware of this bug and are working on a fix. The most common bug shows you the last page you've encountered before logging in. To troubleshoot, click on the icon on the top right hand corner of the site to see if you're logged into your subscriber account. If the drop down menu says "Logout," you should be logged into the system with your Buffalo News subscriber information. If you click on the blue [BN] Blitz icon, it should take you back to the homepage. From the homepage, try clicking on another article under our paywall (look for the red football icon). If you still can't access the article, please email us at, including screenshots and what you've experienced in as much detail as possible. We'll pass along your feedback to our development team.

If you're having trouble recalling your Buffalo News subscriber password or email, contact our customer service team at 842–1111 for assistance.

The all-new Bills coverage like you have never seen

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