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Mike Harrington's MLB Power Rankings

Through Thursday's games. Last week's rankings in parenthesis.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers. A five-game losing streak. Doesn't mean anything come October. They're just bored. (1)

2. Washington Nationals.  A shutout and a home run for Strasburg to complete sweep of Marlins. (2)

3. Houston Astros. In wake of Harvey, a broken city will look to their Series quest for moments of feel-good.  (3)

4. Cleveland Indians. Priming for October, as sweep in the Bronx shows. (5)

5. Boston Red Sox.  Simply toyed with Blue Jays during sweep in Toronto. (4)

6. Arizona Diamondbacks.  Lovullo's crew sweeps Dodgers, won't be an easy out in postseason. (6).

7. Chicago Cubs. An eye on Brewers in rear-view but seem pretty secure. (8)

8. Colorado Rockies. Still trying to catch Arizona for wild-card home field. (7)

9. New York Yankees. Goal for September has to be getting wild-card game in the Bronx. (9)

10. Minnesota Twins. Buyers, sellers, buyers. Hard to figure how they're still in it. (11)

11. Milwaukee Brewers.  Haven't believed all season. Still don't. (10)

12. Los Angeles Angels. Interesting pickup getting ex-Bisons stud Phillips from Braves. (15)

13. Baltimore Orioles. Out of nowhere, won seven straight to leap into wild-card race. (17)

14. St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinal Way generally isn't this ordinary. (13)

15. Tampa Bay Rays. Mostly empty Trop for relocated Lone Star Series looked pretty normal. (19)

16. Texas Rangers. No Christmas cards coming out of Houston for refusal to switch home games in wake of Harvey. (16)

17. Miami Marlins. Not much left to watch other than Stanton's at-bats. (18)

18. Seattle Mariners. Went 12-16 while playing 21 of 28 on road in August. (14)

19. Kansas City Royals.  Who gets shut out four straight games and still hangs around in the playoff race? Wacky AL season. (12)

2o. Pittsburgh Pirates.  Had one good streak to get close but 28-40 road mark sunk their hopes. (20)

21. Toronto Blue Jays. You'll see plenty of Bisons on the field this month. (21)

22. Atlanta Braves. Hard to say something every week about mediocrity. (22)

23. San Diego Padres.  See Braves. Ditto. (23)

24. Detroit Tigers.   After getting close in '06 and '12, Verlander gets another chance. (24)

25. New York Mets.  Lots of Las Vegas 51s getting air time on SNY. (25)

26. Oakland Athletics.  Had an eight-run inning but didn't score again in 10-8 loss in Anaheim. (26)

27. Cincinnati Reds. Sad to see what this franchise has become the last four years. (27)

28. Chicago White Sox. Spring training 2018 can't come soon enough for prospect-rich organization. (29)

29. San Francisco Giants.  Bumgarner's flu derails start of September six-man rotation. (28)

30. Philadelphia Phillies.  Hoskins named IL MVP after 29 homers in Lehigh Valley preceded historic start in the bigs. (30)

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