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Letter: Tolls should be abolished, not switched to cashless

Tolls should be abolished, not switched to cashless

I read the Aug. 23 paper regarding how proud the politicians are about converting the Grand Island tolls to cashless. Am I the only one to find this as a joke? By making the tolls cashless, it might cut down on pollution and make the travel time less. But I have heard for years that the politicians were trying to totally remove the tolls, just like the removal from Interstate 190.

The governor has also stated for some time that we should remove all tolls, yet the fees will be charged to E-ZPass or you will be billed each month if you use the Thruway. How does that help us taxpayers who drive these roads? Hasn’t the state collected enough money for the last 40 or 50 years?

After listening to the governor and reading about the great job he did, it goes back to my question: Weren’t we told there would be no more tolls after the 40-year bonds were paid? What happened to that agreement?

Reading this story reminds me of the governor’s attempt to get the Seneca Indians to share revenue from their casinos. He and other politicians don’t want to live by their original agreement.

Martin Staniszewski


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