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Letter: Video is a poor substitute for visiting county inmates

Video is a poor substitute for visiting county inmates

I protest Sheriff Tim Howard’s recent idea of video visitation at the county jails. I am doing prison visitation at Wende State. We Quakers are big on prison visitation. Early Quakers spent a lot of time in prison for disagreeing with official churches.

I see my interaction, and more importantly, the interaction of people with their family members. Personal contact with access to vending machines would be way better than 25 minutes over the video. The $12.50 fee is excessive for people trying to keep their families together.

I further protest the requirement of online reservations. Many good people I worked with were not very computer literate. They operated equipment, I was their technician. We got the job done. Some people may have trouble with scheduling online. Maybe if they had the opportunities and resources I had, they would not be visiting their family members in prison.

David Gaeddert


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