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City Hallways (July 14) Heavy rains caused a food truck flop

Food truck washout

Wild, wet weather on Thursday caused flash flooding, road closures and even swift water rescues by Buffalo firefighters of motorists trapped in vehicles stuck in water.

Though not nearly as serious as those situations, the record-breaking deluge put a damper on Food Truck Thursdays. Only two of the six scheduled food trucks, Lloyd and Green Acres Ice Cream, showed up for the lunchtime favorite.

Just as well, probably, because not too many folks showed up anyway.

This was not a test

A little after 2 p.m. Thursday after the heavy rains cleared up and out, the fire alarm went off in City Hall.

Workers and visitors had to evacuate the building.

A fire alarm forced City Hall workers and visitors to evacuate the building and wait in Niagara Square.

And when a blaring, speeding fire truck showed up, it was pretty clear this was not a drill. But it wasn’t so dangerous, after all.

Turns out, a smoke detector on the 26th floor got wet and set off the alarm, a fireman told me.

After about a half hour, everyone was allowed back in – safe and sound.

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