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Letter: Trump backers motivated by their love of the country

Trump backers motivated by their love of the country

A May 25 letter writer is partially right – justice, truth and respect were sacrificed in the last election. But not by the Republicans. It was by the Democrats and their candidate, Hillary Clinton. She owns her reputation and legacy. Why do you think President Trump won?

We had eight years of being lied to and spied on. A new investigation accuses President Obama of violating the Constitution by spying on Americans. This is not what democracy is.

What about the growth of terrorism under the Democratic watch and the disruption of what we perceived as a normal life?

I would like to see the Democrats get some work done. After all, we do pay their salary. I would like to see both Democrats and Republicans working together, earning their wages and working for the American people. We deserve this! It is time to move on as we have in the past.

We are not spectators and we did not sit on the sidelines, obviously. We worked hard because we knew, given a chance, that Trump would do things for the good of our nation. Helping him would benefit us as a nation. He already has proven himself to be a working president.

We are motivated by love of our country. We have different views but we can still love each other and our free country. It is time to help our president, as we have in the past. We always unite for the common good of all Americans.

Margo Rizzo


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