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Letter: Trump must come clean on his business interests

Trump must come clean on his business interests

The News recently carried a New York Times article stating that President Trump was “furious” at White House aides (including his son-in-law Jared Kushner), describing them as “incompetent.” I would suggest that Trump look into one of his gold-plated mirrors and he would see who is really “incompetent,” as well as unstable, insecure and unfit to lead our country.

Likewise, he will never be a “legitimate” president until he completely divests himself of all of his business interests and puts them into a blind trust. In addition, he must have his family members divest themselves of all their business interests, as well as remove them from their positions in the West Wing.

Finally, if Trump really wants to be taken seriously, he must provide his past and present tax returns and convince us that he cares more about our country rather than himself!

Larry Gustina


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