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Letter: Trump should resign and let Pence step up

Trump should resign and let Pence step up

Count me among those who aren’t afraid of the “I” word, impeachment. Donald Trump clearly isn’t qualified to be president. The longer he stays in office, the more damage he will do. He’s made fools of us in the eyes of the world; our allies no longer trust us, and one assumes that our enemies are laughing.

Still, the president was fairly elected and deserves the respect due the office. He should be given a chance to resign, and Republicans ought to be leading the charge. Up to now, few of them have had the courage to speak out; it’s obvious they fear retaliation. That’s the style of a bully. Trump intimidates others by instilling fear or telling lies, then punishes those who disagree with him. It’s one reason so many important posts have been left unfilled – no one wants to work for someone like that. In the meantime, the affairs of the nation are left unattended.

Mike Pence is said to be liked and respected by others in Congress. If he were to succeed Trump, one presumes Pence would encourage collegiality, not discord. Members of Congress could work together on priorities such as immigration, health care and tax reform, and forget about building expensive walls. They wouldn’t have to worry about voter backlash if they were seen working for the public good instead of toadying to a man who values image over substance.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he “could do with a little less drama in the White House.” That’s an understatement. If something isn’t done soon, the whispers of impeachment will become a rallying cry throughout the country. It’s time to act.

Barbara Palazzo


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