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Time for Republicans to stand up for Trump

President Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton against all odds. Republicans celebrated their return to power in the House and Senate. Now, those same legislators are “biting the hand that feeds them.” These cowards, who would not be in the positions they now hold, will not stand with their president. They sit back and say nothing to refute attacks against the man responsible for their positions.

The biased media launch unrelenting, unsubstantiated assaults against the president, yet not one Republican legislator will step up to speak in defense of Trump. Republican legislators need to take a lesson from the Democrats and “circle the wagons.”

If Clinton had been victorious, Republicans would have crawled in a corner, or worse, tried to “get along.” They are, as Clinton described them, “deplorable.” Trump needs support. The inaction of elected officials and party representatives is shameful.

“Be a Trump” and fight back. You may not always win, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you tried.

Mary A. Kless


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