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In climate change debate, let’s err on side of caution

There are two main groups in the discussion of global warming. On one side are those who believe global warming is occurring, and on the other side are those who think global warming is a hoax.

Those believing the global warming threat is real base their conclusions, in part, on the wealth of scientific information. Those who don’t believe base their conclusions, in part, on the pronouncements of politicians and industry lobbyists.

Those who do believe promote reducing greenhouse emissions and generally reducing their carbon footprint. Those who don’t agree see no benefit for reducing the use of carbon-based fuels.

In the not too distant future, climate events will decide which group is correct. If those who believe in the threat of global warming are proven to be completely wrong, the result of their misdirected attempts at reducing their carbon footprint will result in no harm.

If the other group is proved to be completely wrong, the results will be catastrophic for mankind.

Larry Dudeck


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