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How will Sean McDermott, Brandon Beane settle their differences? The wrestling mat, of course

Plenty has been made of Sean McDermott's wrestling career since he took over as coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Owner Terry Pegula has mentioned on multiple occasions how impressed he was with McDermott's prep grappling record, which included a pair of national championships. So it's only natural that wrestling became a topic Friday when Brandon Beane was introduced as the Bills' new general manager.

Beane's oldest son, Tyson, 14, got into wrestling last year as an eighth-grader, with some help from McDermott.

"I knew Sean was this big wrestler," Beane said. "Little did I know he had a wrestling mat in his house. He says, 'bring him over. We'll wrestle.' He's got a whole, almost a WWF setup over there.' ... When he left, I was like, 'thanks a lot. There goes my wrestling coach.' "

To be clear, we’re talking “single-leg takedowns” and not “suplexes.”

Now that Beane and McDermott are reunited, the coach had a suggestion for how inevitable disagreements can be settled.

"Well, we'll probably get that wrestling mat out," McDermott said. "That's fair, right?"

He might even add in some power bombs or steel-chair shots.

“We didn’t have a basement in Carolina, but we had a bonus room and we rolled it out. Here, we’re going to have a basement so we’ll probably go steel cage,” he said.

Chances are, it won't come down to hardcore rules. A big reason why Beane is here is because of how comfortable McDermott will be working with him.

"In all honestly, we're going to work together on it," McDermott said of what will happen when he wants one player and Beane wants another. "There's going to be times of honest disagreement. That happens on good collaborative teams. In my opinion, you have to feel comfortable to be yourself and express your true and honest opinion. That relationship and that dynamic not only goes for my relationship with Brandon, but every member of our staff at this facility, in terms of, 'hey, you have to be able to tell us how you feel and then we have a meeting about it, and then when we walk out, we have to at least agree to disagree.'

"The other person has to hope for the best interests of the organization, that they're wrong. That happens every year. It happened with me as a position coach, as a coordinator, if you have the right agenda and the right motives, everything's moving forward in the right direction."

The only wrestling thus will be left for Tyson.

"It was fun to work with his son and his son's really gone off to really have a nice career so far," McDermott said. "I'm excited to see what that holds for him up here."

As for what happens if there's a rematch?

"He'd probably beat me," the coach said with a laugh.

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