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Letter: If North Korea attacks, do not resort to nukes

If North Korea attacks, do not resort to nukes

It is inarguable that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is a madman and almost literally a lit fuse. His threat to use nuclear weapons cannot be taken too seriously.

Although his weapons cannot yet reach the U.S., we are committed, rightfully so, to protecting our allies, South Korea and Japan.

Any attack against North Korea would be devastating to South Korea. However, any offensive action by the North needs to be retaliated against, which would probably cause Kim to unleash his nuclear arsenal. If we make a pre-emptive strike, it had better be well thought out.

Many, including myself, think our own president is irrational and makes decisions without much thought and input from others. If Kim uses his nuclear weapons, I hope President Trump’s advisers and military leaders realize that we can devastate North Korea with conventional weapons.

It would be best for the world. And, of course, for us. There would be no reason for in-kind retaliation from China or even Russia. And no country, including Pakistan and India, could say, to oversimplify it, “The U.S. did it, we can, too.” History could only see us in the best light.

Jeff Miller


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