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Letter: Stop bullying community in effort to build pipeline

Stop bullying community in effort to build pipeline

It has recently been determined by the Department of Environmental Conservation that the Northern Access Pipeline, if constructed, would cause significant damage to New York’s wetlands and streams. Instead of accepting that the damage caused by the project will outweigh any potential benefit and stopping the project, National Fuel has decided to bully landowners and towns. Along the pipeline route, any landowners unwilling to sell off their land to National Fuel are now being taken to court to force them to turn over their property.

In Pendleton, National Fuel is appealing the town’s decision to deny a building permit for the project’s industrial compressor station. The 22,000-horsepower compressor will emit toxins into the air, which cause documented health problems. The Town of Pendleton and the many landowners threatened with eminent domain proceedings will not benefit from this pipeline.

Right now, there are too many bullies using their money and power to do whatever it takes to make more money at the expense of the environment and the majority of the population. What really makes America great are thoughtful people making decisions based on facts, which will promote sustainability to create a healthy world for generations to come. We need to think of our children and of the world we are leaving them. We need to move away from fossil fuels instead of supporting their increased use by building more pipelines.

Karen Slote


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