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Front page, May 5, 1917: May snow in Buffalo's forecast

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of May 5, 1917:

* In world news, the fight still raged on on the Western Front as the U.S. Naval Board believed it had solved the German submarine menace by conducting experiments to find the weaknesses in the U-boats. After the recent revolution in Russia, the country was still stabilizing and forming its new government. Pro-German peace agitators were attacked by crowds of soldiers and civilians in the streets of Petrograd, Russia's capital.

* Snow showers were forecast for May 5 in Buffalo. Forecaster Cuthbertson was "in a pessimistic mood and could see no chance for the 'fair and warmer' order for a couple of days at least." Previous to 1917, Buffalo had May snow in 1911 and 1912.

* A man who posed as a lawyer and offered to help another man get a divorce turned out to be a waiter. Angelo Pagonilla paid $160 to John Clune to help Pagonilla get a divorce from his wife. Later, he discovered Clune was a waiter and had him arrested. Clune was charged with second degree grand larceny.

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from May 5, 1917:

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