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Letter: EPA needs to restore climate change website

EPA needs to restore climate change website

I was deeply disturbed to learn that Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, shut down the EPA website dedicated to climate science. I have visited the website and referenced its materials on many occasions. I have been impressed with the depth and credibility of the information on the website. It is a travesty that this rich resource of evidenced-based information is no longer available to the public. Its removal is disrespectful to the many dedicated scientists who developed the website for over 20 years.

The EPA and its website are paid for by citizen tax dollars and its removal is an anathema to democracy. To deny vital information to the public regarding the critical topic of climate change is tantamount to government censorship. Climate change and global warming are based on good research that is supported by 97 percent of climate scientists. This information should not be denied to the public.

We need to confront climate change or experience potentially devastating, worldwide consequences. The website contained vital information regarding climate change and effective methods of correcting this critical problem. It is acceptable to have a debate on climate science, but it is not acceptable to deny access to information necessary for an informed debate. I urge anyone interested in the welfare of the planet, as well as the welfare of our democracy, to insist that this website be restored to the public domain.

David M. Pratt, Ph.D.

Grand Island

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