“This truck signifying autism awareness will be on Cheektowaga roadways almost every single day,” said Cheektowaga Supervisor Diane Benczkowski.

Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner recently unveiled the newest – and snazziest – truck in his fleet.

Painted blue and white with multicolored, interconnected puzzle pieces across its side, the new highway department truck is intended to draw attention to autism awareness.

The puzzle ribbon was adopted in 1999 as the universal sign of autism awareness. The puzzle pieces of different colors are meant to reflect the complexity and diversity of the people and families living with autism.

“For an individual with autism or a family or friend of someone with autism, just seeing this truck driving around the streets of our town will let them know they are not alone," said Diane Benczkowski, Cheektowaga supervisor. "Many in our town and across the region are autistic or know someone who is, and anything we can do to bring awareness to this disability and provide a welcoming and more understanding environment for those with autism is a service to the community at large.”

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