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Letter: Amherst IDA must stop fleecing the taxpayers

Amherst IDA must stop fleecing the taxpayers

The rich get richer through the Amherst Industrial Development Agency and the middle class gets to pay more taxes. Tax breaks totaling $992,000 for a local dental surgeon represent 18 percent of his expansion project on Kensington Avenue in Amherst. How many of us would like to build a house and get an 18 percent free ride on the taxpayers?

This project was not supported by the local community. The Shatkin First organization said it would create five full-time and two part-time jobs. That is approximately $165,000 per job for six jobs, no matter how the attorney spins the idea there could be more jobs in the future.

Why doesn’t the government just take the $992,000 and repair our roads? That would create more than six jobs.

The Buffalo News article stated that the board approved the $992,000 with little debate. I wonder how many of these board members belong to the same country club with the Shatkin owners and their attorney?

John Orlowski


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