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Letter: Brave people of Poland do not deserve ridicule

Brave people of Poland do not deserve ridicule

Although I didn’t listen, a local radio station invited listeners to call in Polish jokes on Dyngus Day. That act is not just insensitive but shows ignorance.

In 1939, Poland was under attack not only by the Germans from the west but the Russians from the east. Total occupation occurred shortly thereafter and with it came extreme oppression, including incarceration, torture, forced labor child deportation and mass murder.

Jews were rounded up in ghettos and shipped to death camps where their lives ended. The suffering by Poles also included death in the concentration camps but also years of poverty, military attacks, stolen children and slavery. After the war, Poland was occupied for many years by the Soviets. These noble people never lost faith, resisted the Soviets and sent one of their sons to the Vatican, later to be canonized.

Today, Poland is one of the safest and most vibrant countries in Central/Eastern Europe. The history and current state of this brave country and its people should never be a subject of jokes.

Ronald W. Pokorski


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