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Letter: Region shouldn’t waste millions on train station

Region shouldn’t waste millions on train station

With everyone on board, but to different destinations, there is plenty of confusion on where to put a new train station. The better question is: Do we really need one? True, the downtown station is not in the best condition, but is it really necessary to spend millions for the few people who use it? There is a perfectly good station in Depew that has served the area for many years, but it is not convenient for the people currently using the downtown station.

So now the question becomes: How could we accommodate those who depend on the downtown station by using the Depew station? The answer is simple and will save us millions. My proposal is to close the downtown station and provide shuttle service to the Depew station from the bus terminal at Oak and Eagle streets. It is centrally located in downtown, has access to other forms of public transportation and will not take space from the developing waterfront. Best of all, it will save the taxpayers of Buffalo and Erie County millions of dollars.

Rick Palmer


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