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Letter: Central Terminal makes the most sense for station

Central Terminal makes the most sense for station

Many years ago, I looked down from an airliner on approach to a major city and was appalled by the sight of hundreds of miles of freeways running every which way packed with cars probably carrying just one person. I thought then if the dense populations of Asia ever decided to make this their standard of living, the planet would not survive. Science has now validated my impression. To me it is vitally apparent that we diminish our love affair with the automobile and refocus on urban and intercity mass transit; which leads me to consider our new railroad terminal.

It is perfectly logical in terms of cost and convenience to place it downtown, near Canalside, given current utilization. But if passenger rail revives, as I believe it must, it makes no sense. The Central Terminal stands on the main tracks connecting us to the east and west. As such, it would be the logical stop for high-speed rail and intercity beelines.

But for it all to work, freight lines have to stop holding passenger rail hostage with shared tracks and difficult station connections. Metro Rail needs to run to the airport via the Central Terminal – most of the rights of way already exist. And we should convert Broadway and William Street to Memorial Drive into arterial boulevards with a new I-90 exit to Broadway to allow buses and automobiles to move efficiently between all three points. Expensive? Yes, but it’s what really needs to be done if we want Buffalo to be part of the future.

Andrew R. Graham


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