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Letter: Dreher sets a high bar for her fellow teachers

Dreher sets a high bar for her fellow teachers

On April 1, I read a News story about Ashli Dreher, a local teacher who was selected to the National Teachers Hall of Fame. All parents pray that their child is lucky enough to have a teacher like Dreher. Someone who is driven, educated, seeks to improve, selfless, instills self-confidence and pride, and, most important, someone who puts herself in the shoes of the parent and does what she feels is in the best interests for that student’s forward progression. Congratulations to Dreher for the example she sets and for raising the bar for all teachers.

I believe the biggest threat to the educational system is the teachers union – bloated salaries, Cadillac health care plans, sick leave abuse, tenure, early retirement, ample vacation time and zero accountability for poor student performance and dropouts.

To weed out those who are in teaching for selfish reasons, common sense suggests that two cameras be placed in each classroom. One pointed at the students to monitor misbehavior, and the other to monitor the teacher’s ability. Parents would be able to view what is taking place in their child’s classroom on their home computer and also to help out with homework. This would also help stop bullying.

If body cameras are being forced on police officers, then why not teachers? Teachers are paid by taxpayers. What’s more important than a child’s future?

Joe Cyran


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