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Letter: Sheriff is a disgrace, he should resign now

Sheriff is a disgrace, he should resign now

Sheriff Tim Howard has disgraced his uniform as well as our community for 12 long years. First, with his inept management of the Holding Center. Second, with his allowing the questionable use of intelligence gathering equipment on private citizens who were not involved criminal activity. Third, with his failure to enforce the SAFE Act and his tacit approval to others in law enforcement to ignore and violate the state law. Fourth, with his refusal to step down after being caught red handed and on video “double dipping” while working for a private company, collecting paychecks from the county and from the company for the same working hours. Fifth, further disgracing our community and his uniform by speaking at the Trump rally and failing to rebuke the racists, Nazis and Southern Rebel apologists who were waving the Confederate hate flag.

I join with the many other government, religious and community leaders who are calling for the resignation of Howard. I also call for a complete investigation of all his other questionable activities while holding the office of sheriff.

Joseph S. Guadagno

West Seneca

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