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Letter: Seize chance to breathe new life into East Side

Seize chance to breathe new life into East Side

Buffalo is faced with an important decision: Whether to build a new train station downtown or renovate the Central Terminal on the East Side. Choosing to build downtown would bring another gathering point to Canalside and add to the rejuvenation of downtown, which is a worthy goal.

Choosing the Central Terminal would be the right decision. First, the building is majestic. Like so many of Buffalo’s jewels, the bones are there. Many of the arguments being used against the Central Terminal are the same arguments that were posed against renovating Shea’s, the Darwin Martin House, H.H. Richardson Towers and the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, all of which are success stories and are considered among Buffalo’s jewels.

A second reason to choose the Central Terminal is that we can’t overestimate what bringing an active train station back into the East Side could achieve. Classic examples of successful rejuvenation are Canalside and the waterfront, which are very popular all year-round now. People are living downtown again and lofts and condos have waiting lists. Another example is the Medical Campus, which continues to uplift its surrounding neighborhood.

The third reason is sentimental and nostalgic, full disclosure. But who among us doesn’t experience joy seeing an old building renovated, the beautiful architecture refurbished, and given a new purpose? Let’s breathe some life into the Central Terminal and the East Side. It’s just the right thing to do.

Kate DeMerle


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