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Letter: Disappointing to see Howard speak at rally

Disappointing to see Howard speak at rally

This past weekend, I was saddened and depressed when I watched on the news of a rally in downtown Buffalo that featured white supremacists and hate-mongers waving Confederate flags and handing out racist pamphlets while the keynote speaker was the top law enforcement official in Erie County. This event was covered on the national news and gave our area a black eye, which surely doesn’t help at a time when we are making steady progress.

My mood quickly improved later that night when I attended a benefit for the South Buffalo Community Table. This event drew hundreds of people and featured some of the best bands in the area who volunteered their time and raised thousands of dollars to feed the hungry. Despite all the trouble that President Trump is stirring up, I found that good people still exist and we will prevail. I was very proud to be at this event and will continue to follow the words of Michelle Obama and “go high when they go low.”

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

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