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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending Nov. 25, 2016.

• 835 The Circle, Lidia Zuccaro to Anthony Zuccaro; Jamie A. Zuccaro, $175,000.
• 101 Bk M 1st St., John F. Whitham; Rhea R. Whitham to Eric N. Miller; Rosalyn C. Miller, $160,000.
• 19 8th St., Marlene G Briggs Irrevocable Trust; Marlene G. Briggs; Lawrence R. Houck to Kelly L. Gworek, $145,000.
• Bk Pp Plain St., Elizabeth A. Lazeski to Kenneth Bryan III, $105,000.
• Seneca St., Natalie Fitzpatrick; Paul E. Fitzpatrick to Susan E. Hofert, $50,000.

• 130 Autumnvale Drive, Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to David Gawel; Nicholas Gawel, $125,000.
• Akron Road, Arthur A. Ludwig to Carrie E. Sciortino; Michael A. Sciortino, $119,000.
• Pine St., Bufll Property; Grew to Lindsay M. Moore; Matthew R. Moore, $55,000.
• 264 Jackson St., Gerald R. Diel; Kathleen M. Diel to Daniel R. Diel, $10,000.

• Hidden Lake Drive, Eugene Slomba to Barbara A. Cohen, $192,000.
• Jennifer Dr West, Jacquelyn M. Morreale; Martin P. Morreale to Karen Klipfel; Timothy Klipfel, $170,000.
• Oconnor Drive, Richard & Esther Brown Family Trust; Kirk R. Brown to Vadim N. Fedorishin, $133,000.

• Lake Ave., James P. Staples to Alexander Hazlett, $215,270.
• Main St & Maple Ave., Vicki A. Gow to Robert Horanburg, $76,000.
• 2690 North Main St., Keybank National Assoc to Heather Allen, $35,000.
• Transit Rd & Westwood Drive, Jack H. Stickney; Phyllis L. Stickney to Nancy L. Phillips; Paul Robert Phillips, $18,000.

• Saunders Settlement Rd & Military Road, Development Unlimited of WNY to David A. Daino; Brenda M. Shaw; Ronald Shaw; James P. Tauriello, $1,580,231.
• 2214 Ontario St., Mark R. Kistela; Pauline Kistela; Richard H. Kistela to Bank of America NA, $84,740.
• Willow Ave., Frank V. Pallaci to Hector Morales, $48,500.
• Lasalle Ave., John C. Cappello to Christopher J. Bastian, $42,000.
• 1015 97th St., Brian T. Ambrusko; Susanne R. Loucks to Bmg Property Holdings, $31,500.
• 1811 16th St., Fannie Mae to Belton Brigitte Isle Evelyn, $17,500.
• 17th St., Pinnacle West Holdings to Aec Development Group, $13,000.
• 741 Spruce Ave., Fannie Mae to James Curtis Parks; Lavon Darnell Parks, $12,100.
• Sweet Home Road, Calvin K. Richards to Motor Service & Equipment Corp, $8,000.
• 2214 Ontario Ave., Bank of America NA to Charles Lee Mosher; Gohar Rashid, $7,000.

• Harvard Ave., Jonathan D. Morton to Stephen W. Gaydos, $161,000.
• Forbes St., Brian E. Smith; William E. Smith; William Edward Smith to Jessica Grimm, $145,000.
• Sherwood Ave., Florence R. Bloomfield; Maureen A. Lindstrom to Louis A. Falsone, $134,900.
• Whiting St., Alexandra E. Dockstader to Francine L. Maggio; Frank M. Maggio, $124,000.
• Summit Boulevard, Keybank National Assoc to Kevin D. Brook; Emily N. Marin, $72,000.
• 263 Miller St., Kimberly A. Robertson to Cutting Edge Holdings, $35,900.

• Dunnigan Road, Linda T. Nowak; Raymond J. Nowak Sr. to Ethan L. Blanton; Marina Blanton, $275,000.
• Beach Ridge Road, Amy N. Herman; Daniel J. Herman to Christopher P. Kish; Mary Jo Kish, $180,000.
• Beach Ridge Road, Edward T. Mcdonald; Patricia J. Mcdonald; Pamela J. Schiffhauer to Karen Kuhns; Richard Kuhns, $15,000.

• 147 Jackson St., James B. Carminati; Richard Carl Phoenix to Kelsey J. Beyea; James B. Carminati Jr., $170,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Corric Crawford; Ruby Crawford to Keith Leonard; Stacey Leonard, $231,000.
• 4382 Mack Ave., Winner Family Trust; Doris L. Winner; Roger H. Winner; Stephen M. Winner to Brett Dust, $136,500.
• 4276 Berner Parkway, Keybank National Assoc to Deborah J. Nachtrieb; Jerry T. Nachtrieb, $34,000.

• 9541 & 9543 Somerset Drive, Kathleen S. Cooke; Ralph C. Cooke to Friedman Family Trust; Ann Seaman Friedman; Marc Barry Friedman, $47,050.

• Marc Drive, Sam Dangelo & Sons to Eric J. Hoffman; Melinda S. Hoffman, $40,000.

• Beebe Road, Heather Millis; Michael E. Millis to Nicholas P. Francescutti, $169,800.

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