Justin Jackson and the North Carolina Tar Heels are the lone ACC team left in the NCAA Tournament. (Getty Images)

Nine teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference were invited to the NCAA Tournament, reasonable considering its place on college basketball's landscape. The ACC was the top-rated conference based on RPI, which uses a formula calculating record, strength of schedule and other factors.

Numbers don't lie, but statistics often fail to tell the whole truth in tournament play. North Carolina was the only ACC team remaining less five days later as the Field of 68 morphed into the Sweet 16. The conference was exposed by teams from inferior leagues in a one-and-done format.

The Big Ten, which was the fourth-rated conference, had seventh-seeded Michigan and eighth-seeded Wisconsin among its three teams remaining in the Big Dance. The Pac 12, rated sixth, had an 8-1 record and three teams remaining.

Does that mean the power has shifted away from the ACC? Not necessarily. It means analytics, which has its place in sports, fails to measure competitiveness and chemistry on a given night. And that, folks, is why they play the game.

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