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Letter: We must stand together against injustice, hatred

We must stand together against injustice, hatred

As an organization dedicated to making Western New York a more just and inclusive community, the National Federation for Just Communities rejects the stringent immigration executive order and stands in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We strongly condemn the recent incidents of harassment and violence against religious minorities in America.

We are a nation founded on the principle of freedom of religion, wherein people can worship or not worship, believe or not believe as they choose. Not only are the immigration order, the desecration of the Jewish cemetery and the bomb threats against Jewish community centers morally wrong, they are wholly un-American.

No one racial/ethnic, political, socioeconomic, cultural or religious group owns America. This country belongs to all of us. Our rights as Americans, collective and individual, are guaranteed. These may be difficult times, in which we feel divided as a nation and a people, but we cannot divide ourselves further by giving into fear-based instincts like bigotry and discrimination.

We must continue to respect each other’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must stand together against injustice, hatred, oppression and violence. We must respect each other’s identities and defend our equal ownership of America.

Lana D. Benatovich

NFJC President

Glenn Jackson

NFJC Board Chair

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