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Letter: Zellner should forfeit post, work on unseating Collins

Zellner should forfeit post, work on unseating Collins

Leonard Lenihan, who is retiring as Democratic elections commissioner, said: “It’s a full-time job and it requires someone who is full time.” Yet his successor, Jeremy Zellner, plans to split his time by staying on as the party chairman.

His rationale is that having both jobs is done elsewhere. Elsewhere is not where Rep. Chris Collins, President Trump’s first and foremost congressional supporter, lives and occupies an elected post. This is one time in history when the Democrats of Erie County need to work hard on the highly Republican district (gerrymandered to the hilt) to see that a Democrat can occupy that seat again.

Zellner claims he is good at juggling, but if he was so great, why are so many disappointed? More importantly, why should the party take a chance on not getting back that congressional seat because this “juggler” would like to fill his own coffers? The search for Collins’ successor needs to start now. After all, Trump already held his first rally for re-election, and that means that Collins will follow suit very soon.

Elizabeth McGowan


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