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Letter: Reed deserves credit for holding town halls

Reed deserves credit for holding town halls

I witnessed “mobocracy” at the town hall meting in Chautauqua County with Rep. Tom Reed. For a rural Southern Tier community, George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and radicals from UC Berkeley couldn’t have scripted it any better. The constant catcalls and barking at Reed wouldn’t stop. I felt like I was in the barnyard of the funny farm, standing in a section of protesters crowing for higher taxes. (I actually heard one protester repeatedly say, “Raise my taxes!”)

The brood of mad hens in the barnyard that day were in no mood for humor. If any person would have lightheartedly suggested legislation to put President Trump on Mount Rushmore, the herd of protesters would have had a collective cow.

Oh, for the days back when protesters just sang, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” Today the tolerant and open-minded left would demand safe-spaces from being offended by people singing, “All we are saying is give Trump a chance” or else would whip up a wild stampede of the entire Animal Farm charging under the banner of “Love Trumps Hate.”

Give Reed credit. Unlike Rep. Brian Higgins, who shunned our district when Obamacare was imposed on us, Reed manned up and withstood the manure of acrimony hurled at him. After four “mob halls,” who wouldn’t have a headache after all that barnyard noise?

Mel McGinnis


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