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Letter: Private colleges are not subsidized by taxpayers

Private colleges are not subsidized by taxpayers

I have been a reader and supporter of The News for a very long time. I strongly believe in a free and uncensored press; it is our constitutional right and a safeguard against tyranny and corruption.

I was very surprised and disappointed with the editorial titled “Attention-getter” in the Feb. 20 edition of the paper. It stated as a fact that private colleges are receiving state taxpayer support. That is not correct. The only state aid they receive is through student financial aid such as TAP. This is aid to students that would be given no matter if they went to a public or private college. It is not taxpayer aid to any certain college.

Public colleges can keep their tuitions much lower than a private college because they are subsidized by the taxpayer. They don’t have to be efficient because they can always go back to the taxpayer for more money. Private colleges are not subsidized and therefore have to charge higher tuition rates. If private colleges don’t provide a superior education, they go out of business. Public colleges don’t have this worry.

I am married to a local college president and I know how hard he and his co-workers strive to give their students the best education possible.

David Shaver


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