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Letter: Don’t erect a cell tower near baseball diamonds

Don’t erect a cell tower near baseball diamonds

I have lived the last 35 years close by the Southline Little League diamonds. My neighbors and I have willingly accepted the crowds and the noise as what a community should do to provide the experience of baseball to generations of children.

However, the latest idea floated by the current board of directors is beyond understanding. To erect a 13-story cell tower literally in the middle of their diamonds is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Not only will this provide an attractive nuisance to any daredevil so inclined, but it will also pose a threat to the innocent 5- to 12-year-olds who will play in its shadow.

There must be ways that Southline can raise funds other than leasing a portion of its property to corporate America. It is turning a field of dreams into a field of schemes!

Michael Filipink


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