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Letter: Trump won the election, but all of us will be losers

Trump won the election, but all of us will be losers

Current opinions being sent in by President Trump’s supporters have all carried the same disturbing ideology. The gist is, “ha-ha, we won.” Congratulations. However, that does not mean I do not get to speak or protest what I see as a disaster.

Since Trump took office, he has lied daily; written dozens of executive orders and memorandums that really hurt people; taken three vacation weekends to his golf club, where he held a dining room assessment of North Korea and its missile launch, all at the expense of the taxpayer with a price tag of $10 million; denigrated private citizens; used the government to pay for business trips for his kids; used the office to complain about Nordstrom making a business decision that was not good news for Ivanka; had his minion Stephen Miller go on television to give us a gestapo statement that the president’s power “will not be questioned”; threatened Mexico with the military; threatened Chicago with federal interference; and restarted the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. Now the national security adviser has resigned for what amounts to a possible criminal offense, which this president could have known about or directed.

Trump won, but you lose with the rest of us when this Republican government destroys our Social Security, Medicare and trust in the food, water and air. Somewhere, someone you care about is going to get hurt or die because of this deplorable president. Finally, since everything here is fact, here is another fact: Trump lost New York by over 1 million votes.

Teresa H. Lukasik


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