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Letter: We should support police, not those who break laws

We should support police, not those who break laws

The reports of shootings and deaths in Buffalo and Erie County are alarming. Law enforcement officers are under attack by the media and well-meaning but misguided religious and civic leaders. Where is the compassion for law enforcement officers? Whenever there is a confrontation between police and felons, the actions of police are scrutinized. Family members and friends gather and accuse police of mistreatment. Where were these people before the incident? Why do police have to be “retrained” in dealing with thugs?

The police respond to situations and have to react in a timely manner to protect the citizens who are put in harm’s way by uncaring felons. Where is the support and concern for the families of the police officers? Their lives were threatened by thugs who were trying to get away with breaking the law.

Think about it. What if you were in a situation that required the aid of a police officer and the officer chose not to respond in a timely manner? The mayor and members of the clergy defend the felons. There should be a re-education of members of the community to clean up the neighborhoods where these crimes occur. Families and friends should support the police rather than support those who break the law.

Mary A. Kless


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