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Letter: We must revise plans for Route 198 project

We must revise plans for Route 198 project

Regarding the debate over Route 198, initially, I thought another footbridge, guardrails where needed and more trees along the road would suffice. But I now understand how crosswalks at signal lights, guardrails, two attractive roundabouts and more trees and gardens will make the two sides of the park feel more joined together, still safe and more attractive.

No doubt, it’s a shame what has happened to Frederick Law Olmsted’s parks. But apparently the road will remain. It’s considered necessary because our population has grown drastically since the parks were established. Olmsted didn’t include a golf course in Delaware Park either, but I doubt that will be removed.

As I see it, there is a downside to this project. I think the speed limit should be raised to 35 mph in fairness to drivers. Guardrails will protect the park. Will an increased speed be noticeable to parkgoers? I doubt it. But it would be much appreciated by drivers. The current 30 mph is unreasonable. Also, are seven crosswalks needed? I would think four would be enough, with the fifth being the existing overhead bridge.

And does the complete road, down to the dirt, have to be removed to fix drainage pipes beneath? The surface of Route 198 is flawless. The price tag of $101 million on this project is phenomenal. Does it really need to be? There are so many roads in need of repair in Western New York. Can this be justified?

Judy Catalano


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