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Letter: Left simply ignores laws it doesn’t like

Left simply ignores laws it doesn’t like

In 1948, Supreme Court Justice and former FDR Attorney General Robert Jackson, writing for the majority, ruled that foreign policy is “Wholly confided to the political departments of the government ... The Judiciary has neither aptitude, facilities or responsibility.” In 1952, Congress passed Section 1182(f) of immigration law, which authorizes the president “by proclamation” to exclude classes of aliens whose admission would “in his judgment” be detrimental to the United States.

In 2017, one judge in Washington state decided none of that means anything. Now the most liberal circuit in these United States (the 9th) goes along.

People looking for reasons why Donald Trump was elected president should look at this first. Whenever the left sees a law it doesn’t like, it either ignores it or tells you that’s not what it says. Trump’s executive order is 100 percent legal, as will be confirmed by the Supreme Court. And as far as his policy on illegal immigrants, he is simply following the laws that President Barack Obama conveniently “forgot” the last eight years.

Tim Delano


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