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Letter: Founding Fathers had great wisdom

Founding Fathers had great wisdom

The more experienced I become, the more I appreciate the genius of our Founding Fathers in creating our Constitution. They sought to protect smaller states’ rights from the “tyranny of the majority” by giving them disproportionately larger representation in the Electoral College than their populations warrant. They also ensured checks on and balances of power by creating three co-equal branches of government; any one of which can prevent either the abuse of or attempt to accumulate too much power by the other two.

Many years after their work was completed, a populist president is elected by a minority of the voters in a constitutionally legal and legitimate fashion. As soon as he over-reaches the court system steps in, also in a constitutionally legal and legitimate fashion, and prevents that from happening. How wise our Founding Fathers were!

Both history and population demographics suggest that in a future presidential election the majority will prevail, perhaps electing a candidate ideologically the opposite of our current president. Conservatives will be counting on one or the other of the co-equal branches of government to counter the worst inclinations of that president.

I hope that at some future point we learn the wisdom of our fathers that compromise and governing from the center serves us best.

Richard W. Blake


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