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Letter: Historic Polonia District is being treated unfairly

Historic Polonia District is being treated unfairly

The City of Buffalo has many “historic districts” that can serve as tourist opportunities. The historic Polonia District is clearly one of those districts. Why is it that some areas of the city seem to get attention from city officials and others do not? What is the rationale for improving and restoring some areas but not others? How does the city prioritize its restoration activities and what is the objective criteria for doing so?

The Polonia District is anchored by many historic buildings that have been showcased in the recent Polonia Trail. It attracted such historic greats as Ignacy Paderewski, St. John Paul II, President John F. Kennedy and President Gerald Ford, to name a few.

It has just as much historic significance as any other city historic district, yet has not received attention from city leaders as other historic areas. The Polish-American community numbers nearly 300,000 in Western New York. Our history as a community is just as important as any other ethnic group.

Why shouldn’t our history as a Polish culture be showcased in the City of Buffalo and be provided the same resources that have been given to other city ethnic districts?

James L. Ławicki II

President, Polish American Congress,

Western New York Division

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