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Letter: Collins is a coward, afraid to face district

Collins is a coward, afraid to face district

Over the past several months, I have contacted Rep. Chris Collins’ office on a variety of issues. At the end of each call, I ask, “when is the congressman going to hold his next town hall?” The answer to that question varies between “we will let him know” and “I don’t know.”

In fact, since was elected in 2012 he has never had one. How can a congressman claim to represent his community if he is never in his community? I routinely see him on CNN defending President Trump, with his usual smug arrogance, but we never see him here in Western New York. Perhaps he thinks he is too good for us? Or he takes it for granted that nobody is paying attention? Either way, it is unacceptable. Collins, quit being a coward and hold a town hall and face your constituents!

Todd Hathaway

Orchard Park

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