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Letter: Put partisan politics aside, make country work for all

Put partisan politics aside, make country work for all

The Viewpoints article on February 12 concerning the desire for revenge in the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch underscores the dysfunction of our two-party system and the anger on the part of the public.

It’s time to put party politics in the rearview mirror and prioritize what it will take to make this nation work for everyone. To start, all politicians should take a long, hard look at themselves and their accomplishments in that mirror.

We need, more than anything else, our infrastructure rebuilt and we also need our disposal systems upgraded. If we allocated resources and manpower from the defense budget to rebuild our infrastructure, and did the same thing from our space program to update our disposal systems, functionality would lead the way in bringing the general public on board with an optimistic future for one and all.

Joseph Allen


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