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Letter: Governor’s plan to offer free tuition is ridiculous

Governor’s plan to offer free tuition is ridiculous

Here we go again! Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to spend more of our money. This time free tuition for college students.

We already live in the highest-taxed state in the country. Now we are going to pay all the tuition for college students? The state university tuition for New York State residents is already very reasonable (less than $10,000 per year before you deduct scholarships and other grants). A student graduating from college with a loan under $40,000, can go to work and pay the loan off. That’s what many people do when they go to college. If they work during school like I did, they will owe even less.

What happens to our college students when they graduate? Most of them leave New York to take jobs in North Carolina and other states.

If we are going to pay for a student’s tuition, which we shouldn’t do, it should be a loan. For every year the former students work in New York State, part of the loan balance gets wiped out.

Kenneth Weinstein


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