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You Should Be Watching: 'Cinco' with Jim Gaffigan

It sounds like we can all use a laugh these days. Maybe it would be healthy to have the occasional laugh that is not about the president or the people who oppose him. Thankfully, comedian Jim Gaffigan is here to save the day.

Title: “Cinco”

Year: 2017

Where It Can Be Seen: Netflix

Who’s In It: Jim Gaffigan

Length: 1 hour 13 minutes

Brief plot description: Comedian Jim Gaffigan has just debuted his latest stand-up special, joining other popular comedians on Netflix by going straight to the streaming service. His clean comedy makes “Cinco” a solid choice to make the whole family laugh for the night.

Why It’s Worth Watching: Gaffigan is one of the country’s most popular and best comedians working right now. If you’ve never seen him live (or missed his show in Buffalo last year), “Cinco” is the next best thing, and significantly cheaper than your average theater ticket.

“Cinco” is Gaffigan’s fifth comedy special, and also corresponds to the number of children he has. With that in mind, he dryly notes that he hopes this is his last “special.” With over an hour of material, including bits on clothing for the overweight, the outdoors, cars, modern technology, marriage and food, Gaffigan has something to appeal to everyone. If you like to be lazy, even better, because that seems to be his default mode.

“Woke up today at 7 a.m.,” Gaffigan says in one of his routines. “Got out of bed around 1:30 (p.m.).”

In a series of weather and season jokes, Gaffigan takes particular glee at mocking his Midwest upbringing. Suffering through long cold winters, Gaffigan’s humor should appeal to any lifelong Buffalonian.

“When I was in high school, I saw a photograph of Siberia where Stalin would send Russian prisoners,” he said. “It looked exactly like my hometown. ‘Is that my bike?’”

One of Gaffigan’s best running gags is his “audience voice,” usually employed when the comedian tells a suspect joke or goes on about something a little too long. It’s a terrific way for him to remain self-depreciating through his set, and he uses it well in “Cinco.”

But if you can’t find the time to watch Gaffigan’s new special among all the other shows The News recommends, don’t worry; the comedian knows what you’re going through. Gaffigan has an excellent bit on the addiction to binge watching television shows.

“I know there’s pressure,” he said. “We all feel it. We’ve developed excuses for our friends like they’re debt collectors. ‘Did you watch ‘Game of Thrones?’’ ‘Ah, I’m a little behind. Give me a week, my wife had a dumb baby.’ ”

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