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Letter: How can Cuomo claim he has lowered taxes?

How can Cuomo claim he has lowered taxes?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration spend hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to con New Yorkers and the rest of the nation into believing that taxes in New York have been lowered and will soon be lowered more. Then Cuomo proposes this year’s budget, which includes hundreds of millions of dollars in new charges and fees along with more giveaway programs. What hypocrisy!

How could anyone be so foolish as to believe that the governor really meant what he said – that his goal is to reduce the state’s financial burden on the taxpayers of the nation’s most highly taxed state?

How will this new revenue be wasted? In the Jan. 25 News is yet another example – a new position, clearly unnecessary, was created in the State Parks Department for a career politician left unemployed by the last election.

When will it end? When will our so-called representatives in Albany, the ones who feel they are doing such a terrific job for us that they deserve a raise, get serious about really lowering our tax burden? Hopefully soon, but more likely never.

Robert J. Andres

East Concord

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