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Letter: Time for the GOP to get serious about health care

Time for the GOP to get serious about health care

Having wasted seven years and millions of taxpayer dollars in rabid opposition to the Affordable Care Act for political gain, Republicans now have to pay the piper. They appear caught off-guard and unprepared. Did they never expect to be held accountable for their rhetoric?

The GOP belatedly acknowledges that repealing the ACA without simultaneously replacing it would result in human suffering, economic chaos and an angry public.

However, replacing the ACA is no easy task for Republicans. They are in a bind, since the ACA is based on proposals from the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation.

The Republicans do have alternatives. Working across the aisle to tweak it is still an option, although unlikely given this crew. They could also repeal and replace with something similar, modified to reduce costs and improve access to health care services. They could even finally grapple with moving toward a single-payer solution. The old adage applies: You break it, you bought it. The public is watching you.

Jane Lehman

Niagara Falls

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