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Letter: Stop trying to derail efforts to protect us

Stop trying to derail efforts to protect us

The half of the population that elected Donald Trump president should stop going to stars’ elitist movies and stop watching their TV shows. They are all millionaires. They can afford to use poor judgment, we cannot. To the protesters: Go get jobs or go back to work because you need the money to survive, they don’t.

The good tear-shedding senator from New York and the Elizabeth Warrens of the world will have the entire weight of the world on their shoulders, when or if something unmentionable happens again in this country, because of their efforts to try to stop the Trump administration from protecting you and yours. Yes, protecting.

If a few of these protesters get injured or worse in a mall, they’ll probably feel differently, but way too late. They are now part of the problem, not part of the solution. The Democrats know this ban needs to be in place, but they disorganized their party so badly they are trying to represent themselves again as the party of choice. They have nothing but failure in the last eight years. They figure this is their way back. It’s not going to work. They have played their hand. God forbid anything happens in this country or elsewhere. If it does, remember who backed the protesters over the Trump administration. When election time rolls around, vote them out of office.

Mark Neupert


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