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Letter: America has never had open borders

America has never had open borders

If the immigration issue weren’t so serious, I would find it amusing for those liberal thinkers who chant that not allowing immigrants and refugees into our country “is not what America is all about” or “we must remember we are a nation of immigrants” or “open up the borders!”

They are either too young to know or unfamiliar with what immigration laws were many decades ago under both Republican and Democratic administrations. U.S. Immigration Services set a quota for most countries in the world of who could apply for citizenship. This was in times of peace or war. It made no difference and they had to have a qualifying skill. Also they had to learn about the Constitution and learn how to speak and write English.

The quota for Italy was 2,500 per year and my late father, Nicholas, represented many of them before U.S. Immigration and its judges.

This is what America was all about. These new citizens had a very special love for their new country and were proud to raise their families here to give them a road to achieving the American dream. It was never open borders and shouldn’t be, especially now, in these dangerous times without strict controls.

Richard D. Grisanti


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