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Amherst IDA to leave vacant its deputy director's post

The Amherst Industrial Development Agency plans to cut costs by leaving unfilled the deputy director's position that David S. Mingoia vacated when he took on the duties of the IDA's executive director.

Mingoia took over the IDA's top job in April, when his predecessor, James J. Allen, retired after 36 years overseeing the agency that grants tax breaks to construction projects in Amherst. Mingoia initially held the job on an interim basis, but the IDA board in January voted to remove the interim label.

Mingoia previously served as Allen's deputy. He earned around $103,000 in that role in 2016, while Allen earned around $165,000, Mingoia told The News.

The agency spent $395,000 on payroll in 2016, according to its amended budget, a year when the agency brought in $608,700 in revenue but lost $269,350 after its expenses.

The IDA did not budget any money in 2017 for the deputy director's position, a move that brings spending on payroll down to $242,000 in this year's proposed budget. Mingoia will earn $120,000 annually as executive director and chief financial officer this year.

The IDA's expected losses would fall to $16,050 for 2017. Mingoia said that isn't entirely unusual and pointed to budget records that show the agency had an operating deficit 11 times in the 30 years between 1985 and 2014.

Steven D. Sanders, an IDA board member and the town's deputy supervisor, said in an interview that the decision to leave the position unfilled also reflects the fact that development in the town has slowed in recent years from numerous greenfield projects to a smaller number of reuse projects. Just three new projects went through the IDA in 2016, down from five the year before.

"There was a time when the IDA was much busier, so it made sense to have more staff," Sanders said.

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