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Pro Bowl out-rates NHL All-Star game here, barely

The Buffalo market had the second highest-rating for the NHL All-Star game Sunday.

However, it still didn’t beat the NFL’s All-Star game, the Pro Bowl, here.

WGRZ-TV, the local NBC affiliate, had a 5.3 household rating for the hockey game that started in the afternoon. Buffalo was only behind the Pittsburgh market nationally even though only one Sabre, Kyle Okposo, qualified for the game.

The local rating was about four times the national household rating of 1.32 for a game that had a national viewership increase of 42 percent from a year ago.

The Pro Bowl had a 5.4 rating locally via ESPN in prime time, which gave it somewhat of an advantage over the NHL game. The national rating of a game that annually leads to calls that it deserves extinction was a 4.2. That’s more than three times the NHL-All-Star game rating even though it was the lowest-watched Pro Bowl in a decade.

To put the All-Star game ratings in more perspective, the Buffalo Sabres’ 5-2 loss to the Montreal Canadiens Tuesday night had a 6.6 rating, which is in the ballpark of its season average. And that rating came despite the fact the Sabres were behind 5-0 before they scored late in the game.

Clarification: CTV, the Canadian network that has NFL rights, will carry the Super Bowl Sunday and carry its own commercials.

However, the CRTC, which regulates broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada, also is allowing the Fox network feed of the Super Bowl to be seen on Canadian cable via WUTV, the local Fox affiliate. This allows Canadians to view the must-see American TV commercials during the game.

CTV and the NFL are unhappy about the Fox feed being available on Canadian cable because many Canadians are likely to watch the American channel and its commercials at the expense of the Canadian network and what is expected to be less entertaining commercials.



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