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Mark Gaughan's Power Take: Yo, couch potatoes; hoops are better in person

Couch potatoes miss the boat when it comes to college basketball.

I don’t care how wonderful your 60-inch television is, sporting events are more interactive, more fun and more exciting when seen live.

This brings me to my second point: Local college basketball games are a good entertainment value. Yes, this is a self-serving take, since I write about college basketball. But the opinion holds for high school games, too, which I also enjoy but don’t cover. Tickets for Big 4 games are about $15. The games at UB, Canisius, Bona and even Niagara (lately) are fun to watch.

Compare this to an average NHL game. Granted, Sabres season-tickets are a good deal.

But if you’re like me and don’t have season tickets and you’re just going to one game, you probably want to sit in the lower bowl. And you probably want to get a couple drinks and something to eat. It’s a $300 night for two people. To watch the 26th-best team slog through an over-coached, defensive game.

Big 4 basketball games are a better value and worthy of an excursion off the couch.

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